Dodo’s House has turned two!

March 1, 2011 by


Dodo’s House will be talking French!

January 23, 2011 by

Welcome back dear readers,
after a 3 week gap…

(hum, hum)

… what’s the matter, Lisa? Months passed since our last post?
No. that’s not true: We wished Merry Christm… yes, OK, no art bundled; but technically…
… OK, Lisa.
As you wish, Lisa. You’re the boss.

So… Welcome back dear readers, after… OK, I won’t count it. The latest news…

(comment, comment)

…what is it? I can’t hear. What is it you were saying? Slacking… Hey, that’s rude? Look we are working for you! What’s that? Thinking otherwise?


Yes, Lisa? What is it now?
No I’m not arguing with them!
Of course they cannot know! If I wont’ tell them how could they figure out…
That’s for sure. Of course I’m gonna tell them. That’s my purpose! Well, tell them yourself…
Be my guest, go on.

Dodo’s House will be talking French!

(Wonderful, I’m taking on from now on.)

Last Christmas I mentioned you we found a wonderful present under the Christmas tree: a publisher!

Dodo’s House will be released by Clair de Lune for the French market!

(Ehi! I said I was taking in!)

The first book will be 46 pages long in full color. The plot will be about Lisa, Dodo and Dado moving to their new house.
What do you think? Great news don’t you think?

The sad part is the blog will slow down for some time, but we will keep you informed.

(mutter, mutter)

What do you mean slower than now it’s the final void?


What are you saying Lisa? OK, I’ll pass this over, but you… Ah, true! The title!

Dodo’s House will be distributed as “Maison Dodo”!

Well, did we say all that needed saying? Yes, I think so. Time to go!
Goodbye everyone! Will you please turn the light off? Where’s the PC switch? Ah, here it is!


(translation:  Simone Giustetti)

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2010 by

Dear readers,
we swear: we didn’t get lost in Turzikistan.
Do not despair: we didn’t forget about you, ever.

Yes, we know nobody’s in despair and also, if we continue to  disappear like this, we know it’s easier being forget rather than vice versa. But, as they say, please let we keep
Ehr… Lisa disagree.
A-ehm… let me keep my illusions.

Today we’re writing here to wish all of you a Happy Christmas, and then to let you know we have good news waiting for us.
If things will turn out good as they seems, Santa Claus will bring us more than the snow (already washed away by the rain, however). In fact we hope he will bring us a wonderful gift.

He is a strange and shaved Santa, a bit lateness we have to say, who rides his motorbike full speed around (and that’s the real reason for him to be late: he runs and crashes, so he runs for not being late again but of course he crashes, and so on, in an eternal roar-roar-stump-roar loop).

Whether or not this good opportunity happens, we thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

To all of you we ask to be patient just for few days. In the meantime, we hope for you to spend a wonderful Christmas (a white one for those that can) as we are; or even greater!

A big hug. See you soon,

Barbara and Lisa